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How to make paper?

I've gotten really disgusted lately with the amount of paper my house throws away. With a couple of small kids, they're always drawing, and we use so much paper! Is there a way for us to make our own paper, preferably in a way that will help the environment?

5152 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Making paper is pretty easy once you have the right tools. You won't get a polished final product that looks like printer paper, but it will be more than sufficient for coloring! Plus, your kids can help you make the paper as well.

To make paper at home, you'll need a blender, old pieces of paper you want to recycle, a small tub or roasting pan, a deckle or other strainer, and some magazines or paper towels.

Shred or cut up the recyclable paper, and put it in your blender. Add enough water to cover it, and blend until it's a fine, soupy mess. Pour it into your tub and stir it around.

Submerge your deckle into the tub, and let it collect paper pulp and water; let the water drain out, but keep the pulp!

Remove the mesh and press the paper between the magazines or paper towels, then leave the paper to dry. I usually leave it overnight under a lamp, or outside all day in the sun.

At the end, you'll have a fine, serviceable piece of paper! It won't be smooth and perfect like paper you buy in a store, but it should be strong enough for crayons and be better for the environment! You can even use scraps of different colored paper, or old business correspondence. Anything goes here!

Here's a video of a mom making her own tools and paper with her daughter. The sound is a little low, but it's an informative video!

Posted 5152 day ago

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