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How to animate?

I've been drawing a comic lately, and I want to try to animate a short cartoon version of it. Is there an easy way i can do this? I'd love to see my characters move!

5233 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Unfortunately, no matter what you do, animation is a pretty time-consuming, tedious process. Unless you have some pretty advanced animating software that can input connecting motions between spaced out frames, you're going to have to draw each minute stage of every motion in order to complete a seamless (or at least relatively seamless) final product.

Animating by hand is nearly impossible, so I recommend using a drawing program on your computer with some sort of tablet. That way, you can draw with the same sort of pen-in-hand motion and still have it exist directly on the computer. This gives you much more room to edit, change, and work over top of older frames.

You'll need some extra programs as well; while you can certainly do your drawing in Microsoft Paint if you really want, it won't lend your product a finished final look. Photoshop is often the program of choice for some artists. In addition, you'll need a program that will assemble your separate frames into one moving image, too. Adobe Premiere Pro works for this purpose, and there are other options available online as well.

The main thing you need is really just patience. You'll end up drawing the same character over and over ad nauseum just to make a single action, and then you'll have to repeat that process for the whole story! It's a fun process, though.

Here's a tutorial that shows how much work it takes, and also references some of the programs you can use to animate. It's nice and short, but still gets the process across.

Good luck!

Posted 5233 day ago

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