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How to make a smoothie

How do I make a smoothie?

5151 day(s) ago

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A basic smoothie is a blended mix of milk, fruit, and ice. They're tasty, even when they contain things that normally don't taste good by themselves, making them popular for those looking for an easy way to cram in as much of whatever nutrients they're missing into their diets.

Smoothie components

You can use just about anything as long as you remember most of the thickness from a smoothie comes from the fiber in the fruit. You really have to try to make a bad smoothie.

Milk: This can be regular milk, soy milk, rice milk, yogurt, or any other high protein liquid.

Fruit and ice: Fresh and frozen fruits work great. If you use fresh fruit, you'll also want to add some ice for texture - typically two cubes for every 8 ounces of smoothie. Fruits with a high water content, such as oranges, will thin out the smoothie. Compensate by reducing the ice or milk.

Powder: Protein powder, green powder, fiber powder - if you can name it, someone makes a nutritional powder version.

Vegetables: If you need more vegetables in your diet and don't want to use green powder, add them straight into your smoothie. Greens like kale work great as they're cheap, full of antioxidants, and easy to disguise with the flavors of the fruit.

To mix your smoothie, you will need a blender. There are smoothie blenders on the market, but these are just regular blenders with a pour spout on the front. Blend at medium for one minute, then gradually turn the mixer up to high to mix for another minute: you should see movement on the top of the smoothie mix. If you don't, you've gone to fast and an air bubble has gathered around the blades: turn off the blender, wait for the air to reach the surface, and start again.

Posted 5151 day ago

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