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How to become a doctor

How do I become a medical doctor?

5236 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Get a bachelor's degree: A pre-med program is best, but in some cases another degree will work as long as you satisfy the requirements for med school. You will need a lot of biology and chemistry as well as some advanced math.

Pass the MCAT: The Medical School Admissions Test is a standardized test used by schools across the country. The MCAT tests on writing ability, verbal reasoning, and science as it related to medical care.

Enter a medical program: Getting in will require passing the MCAT, having a high GPA, showing a series of references, and having some sort of volunteer or extracurricular work. This will be a four-year program, but is divided up much like a traditional Masters and Doctorate program for other majors. The first two years will be spent working on general medical knowledge, while the last two will concentrate in your area of specialization.

Even Dr. G, who has a hit series about forensic medicine, didn't get into the field until the very end of med school.

Become a resident: During your final year of school you will be part of a "match run" where you will be interviewed by hospitals and chosen to work at one based on your performance and aptitudes. After you graduate, you will work in this hospital between three to eight years receiving on-the-job training. It's a lot like an internship, except you will be paid a living wage. After this period, you may choose to be part of a fellowship for additional training. This takes an additional two or three years.

Posted 5236 day ago

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