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How to publish

How do I self-publish a book?

5237 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Hi, Publishing a book has two types. 1. Physical books 2. Ebooks.

Physical books can be published through existing publishers by making a deal with them. Ebooks can be published through free blogs or by launching a site for it. To launch a website you must go to a domain name registrar like where you can get the hosting services too. If you need to promote the E book to the target audience you must do SEO (search engine optimization) to get the book to be viewed. By increasing the visitors of the site you launched you might be attracting advertisement to be posted on your site. By the way you can earn a reasonable revenue.

Posted 4343 day ago

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E-books are the easiest as you don't have to deal with physical printing. Major sellers like Amazon have sites for authors where you can submit your work. Formatting for use on their readers needs to be done by you; you can find more information on their site. Most of the time they will want a DOC or PDF file.

Making a physical book is a bit more complicated. There are printing presses that specialize in small batch printing, but their prices can vary widely depending on the type of book and the number of copies. Some of these companies will also sell your book for you, but you'll be in with thousands of like-minded individuals. I have a friend who's had luck printing comics through that he sells directly at conventions, but he's only sold two or three copies directly through their website. Your mileage may vary.

Your book will need to get an ISBN. This number identifies your book for libraries and resellers. In America, this is handled by R. R. Bawker:

Once you have your book, you'll need to promote it. Get on as many blogs, convention floors, book signings, and anything else as you can. You can also try getting a traditional agent.

Posted 5237 day ago

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