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Do underpants affect male fertility?

My son-in-law wears tight underpants and my daughter and he are trying to have a kid but can't. Could this be the reason?

5209 day(s) ago

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Many fertility clinics will tell men to wear loose-fitting boxer shorts rather than tighty-whities to increase their fertility and chances of conceiving a child. This advice came about because it is a known fact that the temperature for optimal sperm production is several degrees lower than internal body temperature. The median normal internal body temperature is 98.6 F. Sperm production is at its best at 93.6 F. That is the reason why the testicles are located outside the body, held in the scrotum. It has been claimed that tight-fitting underwear, such as briefs, pushes the scrotum and testicles too close to the rest of the body, thus increasing their temperature.

Some early studies confirmed the effect of raised scrotal temperature while wearing tight underpants. These studies were later found to be seriously flawed. One such study only had two subjects. A defining study requires large numbers of subjects to account for variables in individuals. Another study in Germany used 50 subjects and they detected higher scrotal temperatures in those wearing briefs during both times of inactivity and activity.

The larger studies produced evidence contrary to the smaller studies. One study of 97 men appearing in the Journal of Urology found no large or significant temperature changes. Another study of 252 men measured several factors of sperm, including quality, amount, and motility, produced by both men in boxers and briefs. They also studied the effect of hot tubs on fertility. They reported that neither the type of underwear or time spent in a hot tub affects fertility any significant amount.

Because of the different conclusions from various studies, it is impossible to give a definitive answer. The better studies suggest there’s no effect, and men can wear any underpants they choose. However, if a man is having trouble conceiving a child, it doesn’t hurt to try wearing loose-fitting boxers.

Posted 5209 day ago

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Question Title Do underpants affect male fertility?
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