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Can hot tubs make you infertile?

I guess I should have included this in my last question but I just thought about it. How does sitting in a hot tub affect male fertility?

5236 day(s) ago

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Several studies have been done on the effects of being submerged in a hot tub on fertility. Most of the reasons for infertility are myths that have no support by scientific studies. The claim that hot tubs affect fertility, however, is only partially a myth.

To understand how a hot tub affects fertility, it is important to understand that sperm production is extremely temperature sensitive. That is why the sperm-producing organs, the testicles, are held in their own separate pouch, the scrotum. Optimal sperm production takes place at temperatures of 93.6 F. This is a full 5 degrees lower than the body’s internal temperature. As the body or the environment change temperature, the scrotum relaxes or tightens to adjust the proximity of the testicles to the higher temperatures of the body.

Submerging yourself in a hot tub for long periods of time raises the temperature of the body and the testicles past the safe zone for sperm production. What makes the claim of infertility due to hot tubs partially true is due to the duration of the disruption. Sperm production once again returns to normal a couple of hours after the testicles return to their optimal temperature. For some people, this time period can be faster, and, for others, it may take a couple of days. What this means is that it is not a good idea to soak in the hot tub during your mate’s fertile period if you are trying to conceive, but at other times it is perfectly safe. This also means that if you are infertile now, it is not due to the spa vacation you took 6 months ago, so that can be ruled out, narrowing down the factors of what may be the actual cause.

Posted 5236 day ago

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Question Title Can hot tubs make you infertile?
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