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Do cucumbers relieve puffy eyes?

I'm trying to find the best thing to use for the puffy eyes I get when I'm tired. How about cucumbers?

5210 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

To some extent cucumber can help to get rid of puffy eyes but after that extent one have to start using eye care products. Most of the women suffer with puffy eyes during the morning time. Some of the common causes of the puffy eyes are dehydration, insufficient sleep, aging, hormonal changes. My sister was suffering from puffy eyes, so one of her friends told to try these out to get rid of puffy eyes and other problems.

Posted 2627 day ago

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Yes, cucumbers help to relieve puffy eyes. The problem is in understanding why and how. Weíve all seen the pictures of women at the spa with cucumbers over their eyes. Slices about 1/2Ē thick are good to relieve puffiness. You can use the slices in the morning, in the evening, or any other time when you can relax for a moment. 10 Ė 15 minutes is usually enough to take care of most puffiness. Beauticians are not in agreement whether you should lie down or not. Some say to lay back, some say to be seated, and still others say that it doesnít matter. It helps if the cucumbers have been in the refrigerator first.

As to how cucumbers relieve puffiness is hotly debated. Most beauticians cannot accurately explain why. Some tell you that cucumbers contain a compound that acts as an astringent, removing oils and shrinking the tissues under the eyes. What is puzzling to me is that Iíve never heard of applying any other form of cosmetic astringent to puffy eyes. Other beauticians explain that cucumbers contain an anti-inflammatory compound. That could explain it, but if thatís true, why donít we use cucumbers for other types of inflammation? The most believable beauticians admit that cucumbers donít have any special miracle properties. They work simply because they are cool and contain 90% water. It is only the cool water that acts in relieving puffiness. You could just as well use a cool, wet towel. Some people use the backs of chilled spoons with just as much success. Cucumbers, however, give a professional treatment a natural quality, and they also produce a fresh, pleasing scent. This makes it seem to clients that they are getting something special for their money.

Posted 5210 day ago

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