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How to steal?

My team at school has a tradition that the seniors steal stuff from the freshmen, and give it back at the end of the semester. I don't know how to steal anything, though! Can anyone give me any tips?

5097 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Well, first of all, I hope you know that stealing is totally, completely wrong. If you hadn't already said that you'd be returning the items, I wouldn't be posting this!

That being said, stealing from most people is pretty easy. People are pretty oblivious, and most won't notice that an item's missing until you've long gone.
The most important thing is to know your target. Whether you're pickpocketing or sneaking into someone's room, you have to know when they'll be least on their guard. A good time to pickpocket is in a large crowd where the victim is being bumped and jostled, or when he's focused on something else. You can also hide the stealing motion in a friendly gesture like patting him or her on the back, which distracts them from your fingers in their pockets! Stealing from a room is easier, if you know when they'll be out. Locked doors are circumvented easily enough, but that's a different question entirely.
Distractions are your friend. If someone isn't paying attention to you, you can get away with almost anything! Though this is particularly mean with friends, it's also especially easy, because they rarely suspect you unless you've done something like this before. Even then, nobody's vigilant all the time!

Do make sure you return this poor kid's stuff, though; my freshman year my soccer team stole all my shoes! Going to class barefoot's hard to explain.

Here's a video of the fasted-fingered pickpocket in the world; most of us will never be this good, but he's amazing to watch!

Posted 5097 day ago

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