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What causes morning breath?

No matter what I do, I always have bad morning breath. At least, that's what my wife says. What causes it? What's the solution?

5197 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

We are all familiar with the atrocity of morning breath. No matter what we do at night before we go to sleep, no matter how hard we clean and with which products, nothing seems to help. Morning breath always greets us with each new day. Morning breath is a specific form of bad breath, or halitosis, as it is called by doctors. The biggest cause of halitosis is oral bacteria. Bacteria are always present in the mouth, hiding in the deepest corners waiting for some stray sugars to feed on. Certain factors can cause the bacteria in our mouth to grow and multiply. As they eat, they break down the sugars in our mouth and, in turn, produce their own waste. It is this breakdown of food and the creation of bacterial waste products that caused the odor of morning breath.

During the night, or any time we sleep, a couple of conditions are at work in creating morning breath. The first condition that causes morning breath is having a dry mouth. When we are awake, saliva constantly flows through our mouths. This washes out excess bacteria and food particles into the stomach. When the saliva stops, the bacteria build up and begin to feast on the small particles of food in the mouth. Also, as we sleep, the back of the tongue makes contact with the throat. This promotes the spread of bacteria to other areas of the mouth that it normally doesn’t get to, increasing food supply and providing new places to reproduce.

Nothing can be done to completely stop morning breath, but steps can be taken to minimize it. Always brush your teeth and floss before going to sleep. Using an anti-bacterial mouthwash will also help. In addition, avoiding alcohol in the hours before sleep will greatly reduce morning breath.

Posted 5197 day ago

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