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Is there a heaven?

How do I know if there's a heaven? I hear all the stories from the church and I read the Bible, but something doesn't seem right about it.

5096 day(s) ago

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No method of modern science can determine the existence of an afterlife. Harry Houdini promised that if an afterlife exists he will find a way to come back and tell us so. So far, we have not heard back from Houdini, nor does anyone really expect to. In determining the existence of heaven, or hell, for that matter, we can only rely on our faith. Many say that the existence of heaven is largely determined by our belief in it and that it is possible there is more than one heaven. In fact, it is possible that there is a completely separate heaven for each person alive and each person who has ever lived.

It is a fact that our idea of heaven has changed throughout history, and it also varies among individuals. It seems absurd to say that everyone elseís idea of heaven was wrong and we have it right. It is most likely our idea of heaven will change again in the future. In days long past, many believed heaven was a giant feast, where we enjoyed contentment in a spiritual rebirth of our bodies. Later, the idea of heaven changed into a place among the clouds with a blue sky. Our bodies changed into the form of angels, growing wings, and we all became proficient in playing the harp. Today, many people believe in heaven as a place where we shed all the troubles of the world but donít necessarily retain a bodily, or even a personal, form. In any case, if we really knew of the existence of heaven or God, the world would definitely not have so much turmoil. Because these things are left up to an individual to discern without any sort of proof, there is room for conflict. Unfortunately, it seems that room for conflict will always be a part of human existence.

Posted 5096 day ago

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