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What happens to you when you die?

What can I expect when I die? What will happen to me?

5096 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

It is impossible to prove the existence of a soul or the movement of a soul from your body when you die, so all that can be said is what happens to your body. Even what happens to your body depends on where you die and what other people do to you after you die. If your family plans on cremating you when you die, your body mostly disintegrates into small particles that go up into the air and eventually settle back down as dust. Your larger bones will be reduced to ash and their fate will depend on whoever has possession of them.

If you are to have a proper Christian or non-denominational burial after you die, you will take a little trip to see a mortician. You will be placed on a table and washed. Your muscles will be massaged to get rid of the stiffness of rigor mortis. Cups will be placed on your eyeballs to make them look full when your lids are closed. The eyelids and mouth will then be sealed with glue. Then, all of your blood will be drained out of your body and replaced with embalming fluid. Next, the contents of your stomach and intestines are removed to get rid of any gases they might produce. Your organs are thoroughly dried and then they, too, are filled with embalming fluid. After that, you are sewn up and washed again. Some nice clothes are put on and you get your hair styled. Finally, you get some makeup applied to your face, and you are set into your casket, ready to be viewed. After viewing, the casket is closed and placed into a six-foot hole. In the ground, your body will slowly decay. If you are lucky, and a lot of moisture with high-mineral content gets inside your casket, your skeleton might be preserved intact. Otherwise, it too, will turn to dust eventually.

Posted 5096 day ago

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Question Title What happens to you when you die?
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