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Can dogs be gay?

I think my dog might be gay. Is this possible?

5096 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Although many species of animals exhibit homosexual behavior, an animal cannot be called gay or homosexual in the human sense of the word. Most every animal has a procreation instinct to mate with the opposite sex. Most human homosexuals are not interested in the opposite sex for sexual activity. Since other animals continue to practice both heterosexual intercourse and homosexual activities, the most that can be said of dogs and other animals is that they are bisexual. Of course, this is only a joke since animals do not recognize and analyze their sexual behaviors as humans tend to do. Scientists look at the sexuality of animals and label them differently than they do with humans. Animals are thought to be gay by some people because scientists label any animal that engages in a homosexual act as a homosexual. It is presumed by the scientists that the homosexual acts of animals are in conjunction with heterosexual acts for the purposes of mating and are not exclusive of them, as what tends to be the case with homosexual humans.

Until recently most homosexual behavior in animals was overlooked in scientific studies. It was either ignored or not seen as important. Recently, however, many studies have focused entirely on the sexuality of animals, discovering hundreds, if not thousands, of cases of homosexual activity in every group of animals, including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Some studies have found animals using homosexual acts as a form of group bonding. This is frequent in bonobo chimpanzees and dolphins. So far, the exact reasons why dogs engage in homosexual acts are unknown. All that can be said is that while the dog may engage in homosexual acts, it may not be gay in the human sense of the word.

Posted 5096 day ago

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Question Title Can dogs be gay?
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