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Why are cats afraid of water?

Just curious - like a cat. lol

4749 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Actually, many cats are not afraid of water at all. Most cats will tolerate or even enjoy water when it is met on their own terms. Observations also show that cat species from hot climates seem to enjoy water much more than cats in colder climates. Large cats from tropical areas, such as lions, tigers, and jaguars, all love to take refreshing dips in the local watering hole or in running streams. Other species, such as bobcats, lynx, and cougars, are from colder environments and they have not been observed to purposely get themselves wet.

Since most housecats are not in tropical conditions, they rarely feel a need to get wet. Some housecats are disciplined by being sprayed with a water bottle. It isnít the water they fear, it is the act of being sprayed. This type of discipline can give cats an aversion to any type of water unless they are looking for a drink. Many housecats enjoy water, however. My cat likes to come into the bathroom when I am taking a bath. He will sit on the toilet seat and play with the water, or he will walk along the rim of the bath tub, swatting at the water as he goes. Cats who are bathed more frequently will grow accustomed to the practice and most of them eventually lose their fear of water. Cats who are not bathed regularly may simply fear water because they donít know what it is or what it will do to them. Interestingly enough, cats can swim naturally, even housecats. Many wild cats will also swim across a river to get to the other side or to catch fish.

Posted 4749 day ago

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