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Can microwave ovens cause cancer?

I heard some reports that microwaves from cell phones can cause cancer or tumors but I haven't heard anything about microwave ovens.

5088 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

I found your question interesting, so I did a little research on the subject. It seems there are a number of fringe groups that are blaming microwaves for everything from cancer to baldness. I wouldn’t be surprised to read that someone may be claiming microwave oven use is responsible for the economy. It was surprising to see how people are saying microwaves cause cancer. I assumed the cancer was being caused by microwave radiation that somehow leaked out of the oven. In fact, most people who proclaim microwaves cause cancer say they do so by altering the chemical structure of the food. There are even a few old German and Russian studies from the 1950s that support the statement. It is claimed that heating meats in a microwave oven creates the cancer-causing chemical d-Nitrosodiethanolamine, destabilizes proteins, and pulls in radiation from the atmosphere. In addition, the studies claim microwaving milk and grains creates cancer-causing protein-hydrosylate compounds. This has led to the rumor that microwave ovens were banned in the Soviet Union until its breakup.

Fortunately, no credible evidence exists showing microwaves are connected to cancer in any way. The German and Russian studies have long-ago been debunked, and, in addition, neither a historian, nor a credible official of the former USSR can be found to corroborate the story about the ban on microwave ovens. A few instances may exist where microwave ovens could cause cancer. If you frequently use the oven with the door open, and you stand directly in front of it as it operates, or if there is a large hole in the wall of the microwave, and, again, you stand directly in front of it as it operates, it could cause cancer. In tact microwaves with all their safety mechanisms in proper working order pose absolutely no risk in developing cancer.

Posted 5088 day ago

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Question Title Can microwave ovens cause cancer?
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