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What is snot?

Snot is the most vile substance in the body. What is it made of? Is it really necessary?

5193 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Snot is a form of mucus made by the nose. Mucus is made in different parts of the body and it has different uses by the body in different places. It is made by groups of specialized cells that make up mucus membranes. The mucus in the nose is actually part of the respiratory system, which includes the lungs and everything else we use to breathe. Respiratory mucus is often called phlegm. Clean, fresh mucus is made of water, protein, and sugar. Mucus in the nose helps keep the nose and respiratory tract moist. If it becomes dry, it can itch and cause irritation or inflammation. In addition, mucus works as a natural filter when you breathe. Particles of dirt and debris are caught in the sticky mucus when you breathe so they donít go into the lungs. If dirt that contains bacteria or other pathogens enters the lungs, it can easily get into the bloodstream. As nasty as it sounds, mucus traps the dirt before it gets to the lungs so it can be deposited into the stomach. Mucus naturally moves up the nose and to the back of the throat. Bacteria and other bodily invaders can be dealt with more easily in the stomach than they can in the lungs. If you are already sick, the body makes more mucus in the nose than usual to help prevent further infections while the immune system is busy. New mucus is continually produced by the body as old mucus is used, so it can continually do its job. It is estimated that the average personís body creates one full liter of new mucus every day.

Posted 5193 day ago

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