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What causes bad breath?

Why do some people get bad breath and other people don't? What causes bad breath?

5192 day(s) ago

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4915 day(s) ago
Bad breath or Halitosis can dampen your confidence and ruin your social life. According to research flouride toothpaste, sugar free chewing gum or mints and the mouthwash, will help as the bad breath cures. The Bad Breath is also known as the Halitosis. It is a condition almost everyone has experienced some time in their life.
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Posted 4696 day ago

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Bad breath causes are associated with oral hygiene, carries, gingivitis, tonsillitis, tonsillar plaques, food habits, water intake, tobacco chewing, stomach and liver diseases and etc.

In short bad breath is caused by bacterial activities in mouth. It is also associated by sinus infection.

There are many ways to bad breath cures

Posted 4780 day ago

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Almost all of us experience bad breath at some time or another. Most everyone can attest to having “morning breath” most every day they wake up. Bad breath is known scientifically as halitosis. Halitosis can be caused by several different factors. Many cases of bad breath can be treated by following some hygiene-related advice, but sometimes nothing can be done. Morning breath cannot always be totally eliminated, and some cases of halitosis have medical causes for which little can be done. Some of the causes of halitosis are listed below:

• Diet and digestion – Most bad breath comes from the food we eat. Spices, peppers, onions, garlic, other vegetables, and meat all play a part in causing bad breath. Sweet drinks and alcohol can also cause strong bad breath due to the fact that they spawn bacterial reproduction. It is usually the action of the bacteria that produces the halitosis.

• Dental hygiene – Improper dental hygiene, such as not brushing or flossing, leaves food in the mouth for bacteria to feast upon. Even if someone is already brushing, it must be done for a sufficient amount of time. Dentists recommend two minutes of brushing. It is also important to brush the tongue.

• Disease or infection – Halitosis is often a symptom of periodontal disease. Of course, most periodontal disease is due to bad hygiene.

• Dry mouth – If the mouth is too dry, food is not processed properly for digestion and can cause bad breath. Additionally, saliva helps wash food particles out of the mouth.

• Smoking – Cigarettes play a big role in causing halitosis. The chemicals and residue from cigarette smoke can stick to the lining of the airways causing a lasting odor.

• Medical conditions – Some medical conditions, including diabetes, can cause bad breath due to improper glucose levels.

Posted 5192 day ago

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