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Can paraplegics have sex?

Are people in a wheelchair able to have sex? Do their parts work down there?

5193 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Whether someone who is partially paralyzed can have sex depends on the extent of their injury or condition. Paraplegia is when person primarily loses the function of the lower portion of the body. Quadriplegia is when the arms and legs are affected. Any form of paralysis higher up usually results in death. The loss of sexual function is one of the biggest concerns of those who become paralyzed. A lot of what is possible as far as sex goes depends on several factors: whether the person is a man or a women, the extent of the injury, and personís definition of sex.

If you want to be technical about it, women can have sex whether they are paralyzed or not, as long as they have a partner. Paralysis doesnít cause the vagina to close up, but it may cause a loss of sensation. So, even though a woman can technically have sex, she may not be able to respond to the movement or feel anything from it.

Most men who are paraplegic lose all sensation in their penis. This usually means they lose the ability to achieve an erection. Some medical implants involving a pump can make it possible for a man to achieve an erection, but it may not mean he can feel anything. Other paralyzed men may be able to have an erection, but sometimes they lose the ability to ejaculate. Sex also usually requires a partner who is not also paralyzed. Sex between a couple in which both people are paralyzed is a monumental achievement worthy of a medal, unless they have helpers. I take that back. I would give them the medal even if they did have helpers. There have been stories of married couples who have used surrogates to satisfy their partnerís sexual desires that they could not fulfill themselves. However, I think I would draw the line if they both were using surrogates.

Posted 5193 day ago

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Question Title Can paraplegics have sex?
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