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How to draw a horse

How do I draw a horse?

4744 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Nice video cabbagehead. With the help of this video you can draw horse.

Posted 4698 day ago

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The body is made from two circles connected by bowing lines. When you finish your drawing, most of the rear circle will remain to form the thigh muscle. If you draw a saddle, it will go on the top line between the circles.

The legs are two narrow ovals connected by circles for the knees. Note that while the front legs are straight, the tops of the back legs are angled backward. The back of the hooves should be in line with the center of the legs, and will angle back slightly if you are drawing a Clydesdale.

The neck is a slightly curving bottom line and a straight top line jutting out at a 45-degree angle from the body. These lines will come closer together at the top.

The head is two circles connected by two lines: think "ice cream cone."

The tail will be curved down and away from the horse.

Now you can add some expression to your horse:

When a horse neighs, it lifts its upper lip enough to move the nose upward, exposing its teeth.

The ears of a horse point to what it's looking at.

If the horse is annoyed, the tail will lift just behind the body, creating a hook shape.

Want to draw a running horse? You can see how a horse moves in the first movie ever recorded:

The horse steps with its feet in pairs, first with the back feet, then the front. Between steps, all feet leave the ground. As the legs move, the head bobs up and down and the tail is straight back.

Posted 4744 day ago

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