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Can you be allergic to jewelry?

Can you really be allergic to jewelry?

5158 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Yes. There are people who develop contact dermatitis (aka skin rash) when they come into contact with certain metals. While silver and gold allergies are very rare, it's estimated that about six to ten percent of adults are allergic to nickel, which is commonly used in jewelry. The allergy is less common in men, but this may simply be due to a lower percentage of men who wear jewelry. Some people immediately react to the metal, while others react after repeated exposure.

The following types of jewelry are safe to buy:

White gold processed with palladium, which is often labeled as either "alloy free" or "nickel free"
Gold that is 18 karats or higher
Gold plated
Fine or Sterling silver

Low karat gold, regular white gold, German silver, and regular earrings all contain enough nickel to cause a reaction. Surgical steel is often sold as hypoallergenic, but can contain enough nickel to cause reactions in some people. Unless you have a severe allergy, you are probably safe buying earrings with stainless steel posts.

Posted 5158 day ago

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Question Title Can you be allergic to jewelry?
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