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Can you pull the muscles off your bones in a workout?

If you try to lift too much, can you rip the muscles right off your bones? I've heard stories of this happening, but I don't know if it's really true.

4807 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

It is completely possible to pull your muscle off of the bone during a workout. It happens all the time. Muscles are not attached to the bones directly. They are attached by tendons. Tendons are a type of connective fiber made of collagen. Other types of connective fibers are ligaments and fascia. The differences are that ligaments attach bone to bone, fascia attaches muscle to muscle, and tendons attach muscle to bone. Tendons not only attach muscle to bone, but they play an important role in movement also, acting as a spring force to release more energy.

Tendons are extremely susceptible to injury, most commonly inflammation or degeneration. These injuries are often worse for older people, those with weight problems, or those with poor nutrition. When tendons break, the muscle partially loses its attachment to the bone. Tendon injuries are extremely painful so it is rare that more than one tendon is torn at a time. In most instances, once one tendon is torn, the pain causes us to stop what we are doing to prevent further damage. This means that it is very rare for a muscle to be completely ripped from the bone while doing something like working out. To pull a muscle completely from the bone requires more force, or a force that cannot be stopped, like that delivered from a machine, an automobile accident, or a fall from a great height.

Although it is possible for tendons to be repaired and for them to repair themselves, they are never as strong as they were before the injury. This makes future injuries possible with less force than it took for the original injury.

Posted 4807 day ago

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Question Title Can you pull the muscles off your bones in a workout?
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