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Do multiple orgasms really exist?

It sounds fantastic to have multiple orgasms. I'm like any other guy and just have the one. Are women really so lucky?

4807 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

It exists with both men and women. I have experienced them and so has my boyfriend.

Posted 4242 day ago

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Multiple orgasms really do exist. Although it is more common in women, some men have also experienced multiple orgasms. Many women say that having multiple orgasms is like bouncing back and forth between high arousal and orgasm, over and over again, until either the stimulation stops or they do something to stop it themselves. Women who donít have multiple orgasms sometimes do not have them because after one orgasm, their stimulation stops. Also, some women are quite content with a single orgasm. They donít have more because they donít want more.

Some men can also have multiple orgasms, one after the other. Most men require a refractory period in which their body can relax and regain energy before building up sexual arousal again. Others, though, can experience multiple orgasms much like women. These are usually dry orgasms achieved by holding back from ejaculating. Documented cases of multiple orgasms in men exist from around the world. One method was taught as a form of birth control, since no ejaculation occurred.

Tantra and Karezza are both Eastern philosophies that teach about sex. Using either of these forms has said to increase a personís ability to achieve multiple orgasms. This ability is enhanced through the philosophy of removing goals from sex. They teach that the goal of sex should not be an orgasm. Sex should be a goal within itself. Through slow, steady lovemaking, akin to meditation, Tantra and Karezza teach that pleasure and orgasm can deepen and increase. It is said that intense training or innate physical ability is not required to achieve multiple orgasms. It just takes some personal awareness and a little control.

Posted 4807 day ago

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