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Is it possible to be scared to death?

I know it's an expression, but some expressions have some truth to them.

5188 day(s) ago

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I recently answered a question about the possibility of an orgasm killing someone, so I was strangely surprised by research into being scared to death. While it is impossible to orgasm to death, it is quite possible to be scared to death. This was most recently brought to attention by an incident in Charlotte, NC where a man was arrested and charged for murder for scaring a woman to death. The man was fleeing police after robbing a bank when he entered the home of a woman to hide out. Although the man never touched the woman, she died of massive heart failure that the police say was triggered by terror. North Carolina law allows people to be charged with murder if someone causes a death while committing a felony, even if the death was not caused intentionally. This is only one of several reported deaths triggered by fright.

Doctors say this is possible because of the body’s natural fight-or-flight response. The fight-or-flight response is activated in situations in which we perceive imminent danger. The body prepares to either fight or run by increasing the heart rate to provide additional oxygen, increasing blood availability to muscles, dilating pupils, and slowing the digestive system. Many of these changes take place through the hormone adrenaline. If too much adrenaline is released all at once, it can damage the lungs, kidneys, liver, and heart. Damage to the heart can lead to sudden death. When too much adrenaline floods into the heart, causing it to contract rapidly. In some cases the heart contracts so rapidly that it begins to flutter and stop pumping blood. These rapid heart vibrations are called ventricular fibrillation and it can easily lead to death.

Posted 5188 day ago

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Question Title Is it possible to be scared to death?
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