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Should you talk to your baby in the womb?

I like to talk to my baby that is still inside me. It's not due for another 4 months, but I think talking to her is a good idea.

5214 day(s) ago

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Doctors unanimously agree that it is not detrimental to talk to your baby in the womb. Some doctors say that talking to your unborn baby is actually beneficial. A few will tell you it is of no consequence. No matter what your doctor may tell you, the fact remains that a fetus is capable of hearing by the 16th week of pregnancy. The unborn baby hears your heartbeat and every other sound that your body may make. In addition, they hear your voice and the voices of anyone near you.

It is true that there is no scientific evidence that talking to your unborn baby yields any positive results, but I tend to believe with the experts that, at the very least, it provides for an early bonding experience. Mothers have always talked to their babies. Some mothers sing to them. It is soothing for the mother and allows the baby to get used to the mother’s speech. Talking to an unborn baby is not limited to the mother. This is a good time for a father to bond with the child as well. The mother should allow the father some time to massage her belly softly and to speak with the baby. It is still only a possibility that this bonding affects the baby, but no one can argue about the effect of the bonding on the father.

Besides talking and singing, many expectant mothers like to play music for their unborn baby. Many companies have gone so far as to invent a series of gadgets for speaking to or piping music to the womb. I wouldn’t say any of that is necessary. A regular stereo or spoken voice is just fine. Your baby will be able to hear you well enough, and I would be worried about putting any electronic equipment too close to the baby.

Posted 5214 day ago

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Question Title Should you talk to your baby in the womb?
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