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Why do breasts sag?

I'm still young, so my breasts aren't sagging yet, but I suppose they will in the future. Why is this? How can I prevent it?

5214 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Always wear bras, not sport bras, just bombshell and padded bras, but not to heavily padded if your young that would look, err, trashy x3

Posted 4540 day ago

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Sagging breasts, like wrinkles and gray hair, are one of the facts of life. Any woman who lives long enough will experience sagging breasts.

Breasts are made of three different kinds of tissues: mammary glands, fat, and ligaments. No muscles help to support the breasts. The pectorals are behind the breasts, but the main support comes from ligaments and the skin, which can be stretched but not exercised like muscle.

Sagging breasts can be caused by one or more of the following factors:
1. Genetics Sometimes nothing can be done to stop the sag. It has been predetermined since before birth.
2. Gravity The larger the breasts, the more they will be affected by the downward pull of gravity. Over the years, the force of gravity builds, stretching the skin supporting the breasts.
3. Elasticity The skin and ligaments supporting the breasts naturally lose elasticity over time, reducing their ability to hold the breasts upright. Besides age, smoking is also known to affect elasticity.
4. Pregnancy Pregnancy causes the breasts to enlarge and reduce as milk is produced and consumed by the baby. Even without feeding, the breasts will swell during pregnancy. This stretches the skin and ligaments.
5. Menopause After menopause, the change in hormones cause the breasts lose their fullness in a process called breast involution.

A few methods may work to help prevent or reduce the sagging of the breasts.
1. Wear a bra only when necessary Contrary to logic, a Japanese study from 1991 shows that women who wear bras more frequently develop lower-sagging breasts.
2. Watch what you eat A healthy diet is important in keeping the skin elastic. Protein can help with collagen synthesis, which is critical for maintaining elasticity.
3. Posture Walk and sit with your back straight.

Posted 5214 day ago

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