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How long after pregnancy do you wait to have sex?

My wife is still pregnant, but I am wondering if it is safe to have sex with her. What about after the baby is born?

5154 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Now you can discuss your personal problem with a doctor is lot more easier .
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Posted 4663 day ago

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This is among the most-asked questions of new fathers. During pregnancy, you can have sex anytime it is agreeable to the both of you. The only contraindication is that sex should be comfortable, not rough, and not disturb the belly. Most women in the third trimester of pregnancy find sex most comfortable from a side position. Many women enjoy sex right up to the time of birth, with some saying that with the hormonal changes it provides relief from anxiety and stress.

After pregnancy, sex is a whole other story. Sex is usually the furthest thing from a womanís mind directly after she has given birth. If your partner has just given birth, you need to be patient with her. The clinical answer of when you can have sex is after six weeks. If it has not been six weeks, donít push the issue. The real answer is whenever the woman is emotionally and physically ready for sex. It can be sooner, or, in some cases, later. For the most part, though, it is advised to wait the six weeks for the post-partum check-up.

A woman may not be immediately ready for sex, even after six weeks. The reasons may be psychological or physical. The number one cause of not wanting sex is fatigue. Taking care of a baby is hard work and can allow for little sleep. Hormone levels after pregnancy and while breast-feeding also play a role in decreased desire for sexual activity. Women often have issues with their figure and physical appearance after birth. This can make them feel like they are not sexy anymore. Some women are simply anxious or fearful that having sex again will be painful, or they may fear a new pregnancy so soon after this one.

Posted 5154 day ago

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