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Why do my eyes get puffy when I'm tired?

When I'm tired, my eyes really bag out. They also get dark and puffy. What causes puffy eyes?

5151 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Puffy eyes usually occur due to tiredness after sleeping, but they can be caused by fatigue before sleep is had, as well. Eyes get puffy due to water retention. People have a lot of space under their eyes, and the first place many of us retain water is in our face. Puffiness is usually worse with older people because, as we age, we lose the elasticity of our skin. When we are young and our skin is tight, the tautness of our skin keeps the swelling to a minimum. When we are older, and our skin is loose, we have more space for water to gather. In more severe cases of water retention, the hands and feet can swell, too. Feet are a common point of swelling because gravity causes water to collect in the lower points of the body.

When we are tired, our circulatory system slows down. When this happens, not as much water gets carried out through our blood, and it collects in our body at certain points. Water in the face collects under the eyes simply because there is space there for it to do so. If its not being carried away by the blood, it has to go somewhere. Puffiness usually gets worse while we are sleeping, especially if we sleep on stomach. If the face is in a downward position, water collects under the eyes more easily.

A few other factors can also contribute to water retention, making puffy eyes worse. One of these is eating too much salt. Salt causes the body to retain water. Poor nutrition can also cause eyes to become puffier than they are for healthy people. One of the biggest factors is one for which nothing can be done genetics. Some people are genetically predisposed to get puffy eyes when they are tired.

Posted 5151 day ago

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Question Title Why do my eyes get puffy when I'm tired?
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