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Where is prostitution legal?

What countries have legal prostitution. This could affect my next vacation.

4734 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

also BRAZIL is thone big prostitution place

Posted 4609 day ago

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Prostitution exists in various legal and illegal forms in every country of the world. Very few countries have legal prostitution that is controlled and regulated by the government for safety. Some other countries have legal prostitution, but it is not regulated in any way. Still other countries have legal prostitution, but different laws surrounding prostitution are illegal, making the actual act difficult to obtain. For instance, in Britain, the act of prostitution is not illegal. However, soliciting and pimping are illegal. So, although you can have sex for someone for money, you can’t go out soliciting for it. In many other countries, prostitution is illegal on the books, but it is socially accepted and not enforced by the police. Such is the case with Thailand.

Some countries have legal prostitution only in particular parts of the country. This is the case for the U.S. Prostitution laws are regulated by the states and local governments. For instance, prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada. However, in Clark County, which contains Las Vegas, prostitution is illegal, even though it is in Nevada.

Here are some countries that have legal, regulated prostitution. In most instances, prostitutes must either be licensed or work within a licensed facility (brothel). Most prostitutes in these countries are required to have regular health check-ups.

• Germany – Brothels exist in designated areas.
• Netherlands – Brothels and prostitutes pay taxes to operate legally.
• Peru – Must be licensed and have check-ups every 15 days.
• Turkey – Requires bi-weekly medical exams.
• Switzerland
• Austria
• Hungary
• Greece
• Mexico – Has legal and regulated prostitution in certain areas.

In addition, prostitution is legal and regulated in a few other South American and African countries.

Posted 4734 day ago

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