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What causes nightmares?

My little brother often has nightmares. I was just thinking if I knew more about them, I could do something to help him.

4802 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

parasites and worms can cause it.

Posted 4182 day ago

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Different events can happen at night that we call nightmares. For the most part, we are not identifying images or sounds, but our own personal feelings. We wake up with an intense emotion accompanied by fear. It is only later that images and sounds of dreams are remembered, if at all. Some of the emotions we feel when we wake can be anxiety, guilt, anger, or sadness. These are all very different emotions, but we tend to recognize each as having come from a nightmare. When people do remember their nightmares, they are often being chased. Children tend to be chased by animals or fantastic monsters, while adults are usually chased by other adults.

Regular nightmares often occur in the last stages of sleep before we wake. Another type of nightmare, called night terrors happen much earlier in the sleep cycle, and usually end with the person waking up from the sound of their own screams or someone else waking them up. Night terrors are more common in children than adults. Those who suffer from night terrors seldom remember anything about what caused them.

Nightmares can have several different causes. Some drugs have been known to cause nightmares. Illness and trauma can also be the source of nightmares. Many nightmares, though, seem to come from nowhere. They have no definable cause. Many people seek to stop their nightmares. Once medications and illness are ruled out as causes, a doctor will recommend therapy. Nightmares may only be caused by a personís own subconscious anxiety. A therapist may have you explore the nightmares by recreating them in drawings and associating them to other aspects of your waking life.

Posted 4802 day ago

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