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How to use Adobe Flash

I want to learn how to use Flash. I'm just getting into website building. Where do I start?

4723 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Adobe Flash is a platform for creating multimedia on computers. It is used to create animation that includes human interaction capabilities and is most often accessed via the internet and integrated into web pages. Popular uses of Flash include advertisements, short animated films, and interactive web page components. The user-interactive ability of Flash has also made it popular for a new wave of online video games. These games have sprung up by the thousands with most of them being free on advertising-supported websites.

Website content creators and coders spend months, if not years, learning how to use Adobe’s Flash software package. If you want to use Flash, it is recommended that you first have a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and the worldwide web. Also, knowledge of other Adobe software such as Photoshop and Illustrator can greatly improve your understanding and the versatility of Flash. Users of Flash also say it is much easier to learn if you already know how to use a full-featured website builder such as Microsoft Front Page or Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Flash is more complex than other website content creation software, but more can be done with it while providing relatively quick load times. Beginner tutorials are available free online from many different websites. These tutorials may be enough to get you started, but to really be able to use Flash, you will either need a lot of practice or a full-fledged, paid class.

My personal recommendation is to first learn about basic website creation. Then, purchase a copy of Flash, and learn how to use it with the basic free tutorials. If you decide you like it, but need further assistance, check for a full class at community colleges or adult education centers in your area.

Posted 4723 day ago

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