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Are growing pains real?

Are growing pains a real phenomenon?

5165 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

I don't know much about growing pains, but I know they are real-from experience. I used to go through massive growth spurts. The pain (at least, for me) seemed to be a dull kind of an ache, usually in my legs. They used to happen on and off and when I think about it, they weren't too often, and they weren't too bad.

Posted 4165 day ago

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Maybe. There seems to be pain related to muscle and bone growth, but no direct relationship has been made between this growth and pain experienced by growing children.

Growing pains are diagnosed through exclusion: pains in children are given this label if no other problems can be found. Most growing pain experiences happen between the ages of three and five and then again between ages eight and twelve. This doesn't always coincide with major growth spurts.

What causes these pains? Some believe that these pains are mostly a physical manifestation of emotional trauma. Others think children have difficulty correlating muscle soreness with heavy physical activity, and there seems to be an increase in these pains correlating with increased body size. Sometimes growing pains may be given as a diagnosis for restless leg syndrome (RLS.) Like growing pains, RLS is a sort of catch-all diagnosis that is considered to be either an imprecise label or an under-diagnosed problem, depending on who you ask. All three theories are backed by small studies, but no consensus has been made.

Posted 5165 day ago

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