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Why do boys' voices change during puberty?

Why does a male go through a voice change in puberty?

5197 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Your voice is created in the larynx, a tube connecting the trachea and the esophagus. It holds vocal chords that rub together when you exhale, creating sound. You can see how this works in this video of a laryngoscopy:

As the singer changes pitch, the opening between her vocal cords change.

The main purpose of the vocal chords is to control air flow while breathing: between breaths, the chords shut, blocking air flow. To keep up with the upcoming growth spurts, the vocal chords and larynx have to become larger to accommodate the air the body will need. In fact, it becomes so large that it becomes externally visible, forming the Adam's apple. Most of this growth is caused by testosterone, which is present in girls in lower amounts than boys. Their voices also lower during puberty, but the effect is less drastic.

All this expansion changes the way one speaks, which makes the voice hard to control. This causes voice cracking. While normally associated with adolescent boys, the same thing happens to singers who are working on increasing their range.

Posted 5197 day ago

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Question Title Why do boys' voices change during puberty?
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