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Will lifting my arms above my head kill the baby?

If you raise your arms when your pregnant, can this shift the baby so it strangles on the umbilical cord?

5110 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Mr. Boxy
No. There are several reasons this cannot happen.

Upper body exercise is encouraged in pregnant women to help them cope with the extra weight from the baby. This includes movements in which the arms are moved upwards:

If this killed your baby, wouldn't there be a lot of lawsuits against this country's health care providers?

The umbilical cord is connected to the uterus, which is connected to the body of the abdominal wall. The muscles in the wall are not moved when you raise your arms. If you could move the baby around with muscle contractions, it would need to be

Strangulation before birth is extremely rare: There's too much cord for the baby to wrap around in such a way as to tighten the cord around the throat. The strangulations that do occur are almost always connected to amniotic band syndrome, a condition in which fibrous amniotic bands form around the baby. This can attach to the cord close to the baby, effectively shortening it. This combination occurs in only 1 of every 50,000 to 150,000 births.

Strangulation during birth is more common, as the cord becomes taught when the baby is being pushed out of the womb. If this occurs, a c-section is performed so the baby can be removed from the womb without putting pressure on the neck.

Posted 5110 day ago

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Question Title Will lifting my arms above my head kill the baby?
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