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Does laughter have healing powers?

5107 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Mr. Boxy
Yes. Aside from the obvious psychological benefits, laughter has physiological effects on your body.

Certainly laughter makes you feel better, but this is partially a chemical effect. The pleasure we receive comes mainly from the release of endorphines, which also help relieve pain. Cortisol levels in the blood decrease. This stress hormone boosts blood sugar levels and suppresses the immune system.

Laughter also releases cells and chemicals that directly boost the immune system:

T-cells, a range of lymphocytes which eat harmful cells
Immunoglobulin A, an antibody that stops colonization of pathogens in mucosal areas, like your respiratory tract
Immunoglobulin B, an antibody that activates B lymphocytes, the cells that fight viruses and bacteria by releasing other antibodies
Interferon-Gamma, a chemical that stops virus reproduction and reduces tumor growth

So remember, the next time you're watching silly cat videos on Youtube, you aren't wasting time, you're maintaining your health.

Posted 5107 day ago

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Question Title Does laughter have healing powers?
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