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Howcome people say it's racist to question the holocaust?

Questioning history is the only way to find out the truth. As long as somebody does it in a reasonable manner i don't see how it is racist.

Also, please do not come on here saying "jews are a religion and only a religion, the word jew has absolutely no racial meaning no matter how it is used" and then do a pot calling the kettle black i.e. "your ignorant" because aside from the fact that it's false it's irrelevant. Just take your Medication prescribed for your OCD and learn to take political correctness with a grain of salt. GO AND IMPRESS YOUR MOMMY, CAUSE I AM NOT INTERESTED.

4531 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Maybe the question itself isn't considered racist. That question is quite often asked within a racist context. Every time I've heard of anyone denying the holocaust, it is in connection with racist statements. I am not aware of any historian - credible or otherwise - who questions the holocaust and doesn't also harbor (and express) racist or anti-Semitic feelings. Maybe you are the first one, or are you aware of others who would fit that category?

PS No need for preemptive all caps yelling, please. Next time wait for someone to yell at you first :) Thanks

Posted 4526 day ago

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Question Title Howcome people say it\'s racist to question the holocaust?
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