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how many cop killer songs are there?

I've heard too many people say "music about killing cops" or "cop killing songs" as a way of discounting rap or other songs that don't fit in with the classical style of music that they prefer. I am not a fan of such music, or the idea of promoting any style of violence, but I would like to have some statistical data to present to these people so they can't simply write off all new music or music with a street edge as the same "cop killa" type of trash they miscatagorize all rap. Is there a way I can find out how many songs actually reference killing cops in the history of recorded music and divide that into the number of songs ever recorded so that I may show what a small percentage of music it actually represents, and how that small percentage should not close their minds to new artists?

4789 day(s) ago

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If you're talking about any song that references killing a cop, even mentions at all, then I guess that could be a very long list :(

Only one song comes to mind immediately -- "Cop Killer" by Ice-T and Bodycount.

To your deeper question - it seems to me that it's unfair to categorize an entire genre of music. Just like you shouldn't stereotype an entire group of people based on the actions of a few, it's also unrealistic to make judgments about a style or art or music based on a few examples. The only fair way is to evaluate each individual artist and determine if they fall into that category.

I do not have statistics, but there are very many successful and popular rap artists who do not talk about killing cops or any other violence. Rap and hip-hop as art forms are the expressive vehicle of choice for many talented artists, not just those who work in the "gangsta" or cop-killer style.

Posted 4787 day ago

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Question Title how many cop killer songs are there?
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