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how do you flip a troll?

4397 day(s) ago

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4397 day(s) ago
Hopefully someone else knows the answer because I have no idea what you're talking about :/
Answers (1)

How do you what? Itís not the most common question, but I have several answers. The easiest way to flip a troll is to play Magic: The Gathering. The Mossbridge Troll is one tough sucker. If you flip this troll, you can tap other creatures with a total power of 10 or greater, and the Mossbridge Troll gets a +20/+20, giving him a 25/25 monster. He also regenerates if he takes enough damage to be destroyed. The Cudgel Troll is not as tough, but if you flip this troll, he is a 4/3 monster and also regenerates.

Now, if you are talking about a real-life troll, this can be tricky. Trolls are nocturnal, so it means they can sneak up on you in the dark. They are also fierce fighters, so you must be quick. It would be impossible to flip them straight on. You would have to do what Bilbo Baggins did in the Hobbit and trick it to stay out until sunrise. You see, if sun strikes them, they will turn to stone. Because they will still be heavy, you will have to invest in a large piece of equipment, either truck with a winch, a crane, or a hydraulic jack. If you are on a hill, it will work best. You can flip them once, and if you get it right, they will keep on flipping until they reach the bottom.

Finally, if you are talking about an Internet troll, like on a public forum, the best way to flip this kind of troll is to just leave them alone. They will eventually go away since they couldnít rile anyone. If you really want to give it to them, try being extra nice. Thank them for their astute observations and tell them they are right. This will flip them onto another thread where they can cause someone to lose their temper. Never try to beat a troll at his or her own game. It doesnít work, and you will end up wasting your precious time.

If there is a different type of troll I missed, let me know. Iíll tell you how to flip them, too.

Posted 4378 day ago

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