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How do i find out if he likes me?

I met this guy during my college years. We were good frens until we liked each other...but we never told each other was the friends around us who kept dropping hints for us..but both of us just didn't want to admit how we felt about each other..It has now been 6 years (i was overseas for 4 of those years) and we r both not attached but we do keep in contact occassionally...everytime i see him the old feelings come rushin back,, the thing is, i can't tell if he still likes me..

There have been other guys who came my way but because of my feeling for him, i never gave anyone a chance...I guess, i can't wait anymore and have to decide if he still likes me and if he doesn't then, i should move on...but it's going to be hard to move on unless i find out that he really doesn't feel the same about me...
Pls help..

4405 day(s) ago

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Answers (5)

Follow the thoughts of the heart.
I think you should find out about his relationship. and scrutiny of his feelings for you. To do this you should start from his neighbor ...
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Posted 3722 day ago

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well the sure-fire way is to ask him, but otherwise you could try dropping some hints and see if he reacts to them. But what ever you choose to do you should do it soon so that you don't keep dwelling on yes or no.

Posted 4126 day ago

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He protects your emotions and cares about your well being!

Posted 4307 day ago

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I say, Go to him... Give it all you have got. His the man for you. You should just walk up to him and kiss him. See how he reacts and go on from there.

Posted 4373 day ago

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This is a difficult situation, but one that can be remedied easily if you are courageous enough. You say you see him now sometimes, so I am assuming you still have the same group of friends, and you see him when your friends get together.

In either situation, the best way to find out is to do this: When you see him, approach him when no one else is around. Look him in the eye, and repeat this wonderful question I am about to impart to you. “Do you like me?” While this may be difficult and embarrassing, it is quick and the surest way to know. If he says yes, then great. If he hesitates, tell him that you like him and want to see if the feeling is mutual. You can let the conversation naturally evolve until the truth is out. If he says no, then you might be hurt momentarily, but it means you are free to move on with your life. Six years is far too long to spend tied up to a guy without knowing if he even likes you.

If you don’t feel like you can be this direct, have a friend ask for you or have a friend let him know that you like him. Communication is the real key to relationships. It’s best to start one with good communication, and hopefully, if it works out, you can continue to keep open lines of communication throughout the relationship.

If there is no possible way you or another person can ask him about this or even subtly slip it into a conversation, all you have left is to try to pick up on the hints. This doesn’t always work, and in the end, you may still never know, because eventually you are going to have to talk to him if you want something to develop. Here are some signs that he might like you:

• When you see him, step closer to him than you normally would with someone else. If he doesn’t move away, he may like you.
• If he always finds a reason to be near you or he often shows up unexpectedly at places where you are, he may like you.
• If he talks about you with his friends or with your friends, he may like you.
• If you catch him staring at you, and he looks away suddenly when you catch him, he may like you.
• If he smiles a lot when you meet a gaze or when you talk together, he may like you.
• If he pays attention to you when you are talking, he probably likes you.
• If he asks you out, he probably likes you.

Posted 4389 day ago

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4388 day(s) ago
Thank you very much...Really appreciate it :)

I just met him yesterday- he had asked me to accompany him home after work which came as a suprise to me as it has been ages since we hung out 2gether- we just spoke as we used to, during our college years..nothing much..

i'll definately look out for the signs you suggested the next time i meet him - prolly next week, he is quite a 'ladies man' so i'm pretty sure it's gonna be hard to find out..

Thank you once again..

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