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Why do I get tumors only on one side of my body?

I've had fatty tumors removed from my hip, back of shoulder, breast, roof of my mouth. And never one on the opposite side....

4383 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

It is a little complex, but: Assuming you are female, it may be, in part, the result of a normal phenomenon called X chromosome inactivation combined with a predisposition for developing fatty tumors. Females have two X chromosomes and during early development (embryogenesis) each cell randomly shuts one X chromosome off. All cells that come from that cell will have the same X chromosome shut off. If this happens very early, and in such a way that one side of your body has one X chromosome inactivated and the other half of your body has the other X chromosome shut off, the cells in your body would behave differently in each of the two halves. If the X chromosome regulates fatty tumors, this would explain your situation. I have only seen reports of this for certain ovarian cancers, but could be possible for fatty tumors as well. To help understand X chromosome inactivation, One example that is easy to visualize is a calico cat. This is a good example because coat color in cats is X chromosome regulated. Now consider two calico cats: one with just two large patches of either orange or black hair, and the other with numerous small patches of orange or black hair. The two cats are showing random differences in how their X chromosomes were turned off during development. Now imagine that the X chromosome that carries orange fur genes also regulates tumor cat could have large areas (half the cat) with no tumors but the other cat may have many small areas all over that could get tumors. I hope this helps some.

Posted 4365 day ago

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Question Title Why do I get tumors only on one side of my body?
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