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Facebook & Google+ Divide Friends Group for School Children’s

Now a day’s I found the strange topics and discussion in the schools and middle school studies. Group guys say that have you on the Facebook if he says that I have joined the Google+ than they says that he is not in our group how can we make him friend. So as the counter words come from the other group that have you been in the Google+ if reply comes no dear I am on Facebook than again blunt reply comes he is not in our group leave him. So Social Media is also changing the trends and the working areas. Google with its initial start reached the 20 Million users in very short run so the race begin in the market that will it beat the Facebook and become the king. Though fall in short decade with Orkut but this time his areas are strong to beat all social media records. Finding the other part than Facebook has also reached the good mark with its service usually people liked the Facebook all application and getting connected with people. Small story of Facebook will never forgotten as a boy started just for getting communicated with his Girlfriend but he was also not knowing that he will reach to this ton. But both have proven best in their marks.

4243 day(s) ago

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Question Title Facebook & Google+ Divide Friends Group for School Children’s
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