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What will happen if one cannot fart at all?

4659 day(s) ago

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The inability to fart is an actual medical condition that some people suffer from. Of course, fart is a common term often considered vulgar. The medical term for a fart is flatus, and the presence of flatus is flatulence.

When a personís body creates excess gas, it must be expelled before it builds up. The gas is mostly created in the intestines by bacteria that help to break down food. If the gas isnít passed, the intestines can become stretched or distended. This is a painful condition, and it often occurs in people experiencing constipation. If the gas continues to build, it could, in theory, rupture the intestine.

A ruptured intestine is no small matter. If the bacteria and half-digested food spill out into the abdominal cavity it can cause a severe infection that can lead to death. It would make sense that if the gas builds up too strongly and canít be expelled through the anus, then it would go the other way and become a belch, but this rarely happens with gas that is created beyond the stomach.

Fortunately, this condition is usually temporary, and it can be solved with a combination of treatments. The first part of the treatment involves eating a healthy diet. The inability to expel flatus is often rooted in eating poorly. A diet high in meats and dairy may cause excess amounts of gas to be created while creating a blockage that prevents its escape.

Fiber supplements or stimulant laxatives can help relieve any blockages that may prevent a person from passing gas. Furthermore, certain medicines, such as the over-the-counter product Beano, can help to slow the production of gas in the digestive system. This type of medication consists enzymes that help break down the food substances responsible for creating the gas.

Posted 4631 day ago

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Question Title What will happen if one cannot fart at all?
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