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How can I become a firefighter?

4829 day(s) ago

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The steps to becoming a firefighter largely depend on the city or jurisdiction in which you will be applying. There are, however, certain steps and requirements that are common to all. You will want to call your local fire department for specific information. Call the non-emergency number and ask for the station chief. Explain to the station chief that you are interested in becoming a firefighter and you would like more information on how to continue. Ask if there are any volunteer opportunities available and, if not, where volunteer positions may be open nearby.

Volunteering is a great way to get a feel for what will be required of you in a paid position. Many departments will allow you come by for a tour and possibly to ride along on calls for a day. This will allow you to make a decision about a career choice as a firefighter.

You will be asked to complete an application and submit to a background check as one of the first steps to becoming a firefighter. Once accepted, you will be able to enter an official training program to prepare you for the physical and written exams.

Physical training is an important part of being a firefighter. This training should begin as soon as possible, usually before even making your phone call. A regimen of basic calisthenics combined with some weight training is sufficient to make sure you are able to pass the physical testing requirements.

Books on firefighter training are available to help you understand the skills necessary for firefighting. These books can help you prepare for the exams and the interviews. Another way to get an edge on becoming a firefighter is to enroll in an Emergency Medical Technician program at a local community college or vocational training center. Firefighters are expected to be able to perform first aid and all necessary medical tasks as first responders to emergency scenes.

Posted 4829 day ago

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Question Title How can I become a firefighter?
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