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How to file for divorce

It's time for a divorce. How do I file for one?

5287 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Well, first off all, I am sorry for your loss. Unless, that is, it's his or her fault. Then all the power to you! Moving on, though, it may seem like a complicated process to file divorce papers. First and foremost, a lawyer is highly recommended to be brought into the picture, which will make matters all the more convenient. This goes even when both parties involved agree to the divorce and how the assets will be divided. It simply just makes matters easier.

Decide whether the divorce will be filed as “no-fault” or not. When a no-fault divorce is filed, this usually means that the divorce is occurring due to irreconcilable differences. A fault divorce suggests there is one person in the marriage who was responsible for its failure. Decide who will file the petition and ask a lawyer whether it will be filed with the circuit or superior court within the district.

If there are children involved, file for temporary custody. It would be problematic for the children if this is not done right away.

Lastly, have proof that divorce papers were sent to, and signed by, the ex-spouse. Do not have the papers sent to him or her at work, but rather have them sent in a dignified manner, such as to the lawyer's office or to his or her home in the evening.

Posted 5287 day ago

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