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How to flirt?

Iíve never been very good at flirting; I always wait for the girls to come to me! How do I approach a woman I like and let her know that Iím interested?

5275 day(s) ago

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Flirting is not a precise science, but there are some things you can do! Basic social skills will certainly help, but in addition, there are some tricks that can show your interest and help engage theirs.
Make eye contact as much as possible, but donít stare. Eye contact shows that youíre interested and engaged in what the other person is saying or doing, and that you actually care about that rather than their physical appearance. To women especially, this is very attractive!
Another technique is called ďmirroring.Ē This is when you angle and move your body in a way thatís similar to the other person; if they cross their legs, you cross your legs, and if they hold their drink to one side of their body, you do the same. You shouldnít simply mimic them, as this can be both obvious and annoying, but it is natural for people who are attracted to one another to exhibit this behavior.
Smiling and appearing friendly is also incredibly important. If you frown or look blank, it seems as if you arenít having a good time with the woman, even if you are! Donít be afraid to show your pleasure with the situation. Women like to know that you enjoy their company!
Last, one thing that most women appreciate in the initial flirting stage is masculinity. Naturally, women enjoy a man who appears strong and male. Stand up straight to appear taller, and keep your confidence! A dominant man is an attractive one, so long as he is still sensitive and engaged with the womanís personality and mind.

Good luck! Weíre not so difficult once you start understanding us! Hereís a video talking about what I said, and the girl narrating has a lovely accent.

Posted 5275 day ago

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