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How to kiss ?

Iíve never kissed anyone before, and I want to know what I should do. People are always talking about bad kissers, and I donít want to be one of them.

4986 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Kissing, like most aspects of romance, isnít really something that you can read a book about and learn how to do. Itís something that each person does a little differently, and while there are things that some people like and some donít, thereís not really a ďrightĒ way to kiss. All I can really do is give you some tips from my own experience, and hope that they help you!

Start slow. Thereís no need to attack your kissing partner! Move slowly at first, with mouth closed and hands strictly outside the bathing suit area. While itís nice to eventually have passionate kisses, no one wants to be jumped on, particularly for the first kiss!
Pay close attention to the other person. If youíre really focusing on them, rather than on yourself, youíll be able to tell what they do and donít like. If youíre at all confused, you can always ask. Most people feel shy about asking straightforward questions, but Iíve found that they really help you to understand the other person, and help you to trust one another.
Donít worry too much. If youíre tense and scared, you wonít kiss well. Imagine, would you like to kiss a wall? Thatís what youíll feel like if youíre too worried about whether youíre doing it ďrightĒ or not! Just relax, and figure things out as you go. If you mess up, laugh! You should be comfortable enough with the person youíre kissing that you can laugh with them about anything, even yourself.
Do what feels right to you. Most people have relatively good romantic instincts if they just listen to them; if your partner disagrees, theyíll let you know!

Enjoy yourself! Kissing can be great fun, and you can enjoy learning how as much as doing it!

Posted 4986 day ago

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