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Tell me how to make money?

What are some easy ways to make money?

5070 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

There are so many ways usable to make money online. Among all, i would suggest Reseller business is one of the easiest way to earn money via online. It is available at . Here, you need to create a reseller account before starting it. After that , you can sell domain,hosting plans,etc.and earn good money through it.

Posted 3909 day ago

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Want to make $$$$ quickly and easily? Hold down the shift key and press "4" four times! :)

The following methods may not make you rich, but they're some of the easiest ways to get some extra cash:

Put money in a savings account

This is the easiest method, but even at the best interest rates you'll only earn enough over a year to treat yourself to a meal ordered from the fast food value menu. Internet-based banks often have higher interest rates than local ones, and you don't even have to leave the house to transfer money into and out of the account.


If you live in the city, rent your parking spot.

If you live next to a major road, you may be able to rent out land for a billboard. This land must be specifically zoned for billboards. If your land isn't zoned for this you may be able to have this changed at a city council meeting, but this can't be done on scenic roads.

If you have a spare room, rent it out to a boarder.


Small, valuable items can be sold on eBay, larger items on Craigslist, and the rest in a garage sale. Metal objects can be sold for scrap at a recycler: you'd be surprised at what they'll pay for some things.

Do you have a hobby related to arts and crafts? Sell your work on-line on a artist site like Etsy. Needle crafts do particularly well on these sites.

You can also sell parts of yourself. Commercial blood banks pay $35 or more for a pint of of plasma. Long, untreated hair can be sold for wigs for about $5 an ounce. Sperm banks are another way to earn extra cash, but the process of signing up with a bank is a long, arduous process with most prospective donors turned away. Egg donation faces similar problems while adding the risk of hormone injections, which are needed to harvest the eggs.

Posted 5070 day ago

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