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What is the best laptop?

4838 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Acer is best laptop. Acer provides you lots of facility.

Posted 4692 day ago

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Mr. Boxy
The best laptop is the one that suits your needs.


The great thing about netbooks is that they're small and cheap. With most models costing around $300, they make a great second computer for Internet usage and note taking. A small battery can power a netbook for a long time, with some six-cell netbooks claiming eight or more hours of use on a single charge. Frequent fliers will appreciate the ability to fully open up and type on a netbook sitting on a tray table. Some cellular providers are now offering netbooks with 3G wireless on plans similar to what you would get with a smartphone.

The problem with netbooks is that they're small and cheap. They lack space for an on-board optical drive which can make installing programs a pain. Nearly all of them use the Intel Atom, a single core 1.6ghz processor that can run basic applications, but is far too slow for heavier use such as video editing and gaming. The screen is tiny, and the keyboard can be uncomfortable to type on.

Full-size laptops

Regular laptops range from sedate devices to desktop-equivalent gaming machines. The options are nearly endless, and, like desktops, many manufacturers offer custom ordering options so you can get the computer you need. Overall, a laptop will run as fast as a low-end desktop computer, and can run almost any piece of software. If you need more power or size than a netbook, buy a laptop.

Mac vs. PC

This is a hotly-debated topic, and you probably have a strong opinion either way. If you don't , read on.

Apple's products are seen as being overpriced, but it mostly comes down to a lack of cheap models: a Macbook is almost to the same price as a comparably equipped Windows laptop.

The main difference between Mac and PC is the operating system, OSX. It's generally more reliable and less prone to being infected by a virus than Windows. Gaming is limited, but many popular programs are available for Mac, including Microsoft Office.

If you're looking for an upmarket laptop and don't care about gaming, an Apple may be worth considering.

Posted 4838 day ago

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