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Where are outlook emails stored?

4909 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

In order to determine where Outlook email files are stored it's necessary define a couple of things. First, "what is an email file?"
In laymen's terms it's a file or folder that contains data regarding emails.
We all understand that files and folders containing data can be stored somewhere but there are differences that give email folders certain unique qualities.

So first question that must be posed is "what is an email file and how does it differ from other data files?"
We've already determined the first part of the question. An email file contains email data.
The second part, "how does it differ from other data files" is at the very least pretty fascinating.
Microsoft Outlook uses folders called Search Folders to capture and hold email data. These folders contain your Inbox, Sent Items and Drafts that are saved for later. The fascinating part is these folders are automatically archived according to their particular functions so the user has that information simply by accessing it. As for the name "Search Folders" they are called such because they display results of a query, in real time.
So the email files are there and all you need do, in the most basic terms is ask to see them.

There's another question in regard to accessing these folders and that is, "what operating system is being used to access the email and why should this make any difference?"

First of all, the common operating systems for Outlook are Windows XP, Windows Vista and the new Windows 7"
No doubt the person trying to access an email folder knows what their operating system is so let's assume that part of the question is cleared up.
Next is "why should this make a difference?"
It's simply a matter of the path one system takes to find the Search Folders and within those folers is the email data. Once the system is determined the paths to stored emails are as follows.

Windows XP: C\:Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\MicrosoftOutlook\

Windows Vista: C:\users\username\Local Application Data\MicrosoftOutlook\

Windows 7: C:\users\username\Local Application Data\MicrosoftOutlook\

Outlook has a help menu as well as numerous web sites pertaining to email and these works really well for anyone who's trying to access email history.

Posted 4909 day ago

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Question Title Where are outlook emails stored?
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