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Why are some chicken eggs brown?

Why are some chicken eggs brown and others are white?

4844 day(s) ago

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Variations in color may have you wondering why some chicken eggs are brown.

Basically egg color is determined by genetics. Brown eggs were the original egg colors, but over time coloring was changed as some hens were found to produce lighter eggs. Through selective breeding, eggs continued to be lighter in color until they became white. During the mid 1950s, white became a symbol for purity in cooking, and white eggs and flour became the norm. There is no difference in flavor or nutrition however, and by the 1970s, brown eggs had been introduced back into supermarkets.

Chicken eggs are not necessarily limited to brown or white colors either. Some eggs, especially in South America have been found that are green or blue in color, depending on what chicken breed laid them. At present time, lighter breeds of chickens such as White Leghorns and Andalusians will lay lighter or white eggs. Darker breeds such as Rhode Island Reds will lay darker or brown eggs. These darker eggs are also called farm eggs, but are essentially no different from the lighter eggs most of us are more familiar with. The only real difference is in cost. Most darker chicken breeds are larger and require more food, and the farmer passes the added cost onto the consumer.

One widespread belief is that a chicken's earlobe is the indication for the color egg it will lay. While it has been found that most hens with white earlobes do lay white eggs and hens with red earlobes do lay brown eggs, this is not an absolute rule because ultimately genetics will determine eggshell color.

Color should not be a deciding factor when purchasing eggs. The chicken's diet determines the healthiness of the product. Regardless of the color, a chicken egg is an essential part of a healthy diet.

Posted 4841 day ago

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