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how to breakdance ?

How do I breakdance?

4894 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

The most basic breakdancing move is the 6 step. Once you've mastered this, you can go on to more complex moves.

Balance is critical in breakdancing. Your center of gravity, which is located just behind your navel, must be supported to keep you from falling. This weight needs to be directly supported underneath one of your limbs, or evenly split between them. When you watch this video, notice how the dancer is moving his torso back and forth to do this.

The 6 step in six steps:

Start by supporting yourself with your hand directly below you, and your legs spread apart.

1. Lift the left hand, and sweep the right leg forward as you tilt your torso upwards. You should now be upright with your left hand up, your right hand to your side, your right foot forward, and your left leg back.
2. Turn and bring your left leg up next to your right, bending at the knee, and place your left foot down while leaning back.
3. Pull in the right leg next to the left one. You will now be in a crouching position, and your right hand will still be on the floor.
4. Lean back and stretch your left leg out in front of the right. You should be in the same position as step 2, just with the left leg out instead of the right. Your left hand will be on the ground, and the right hand will be up.
5. Pull the right leg back. Your legs should be in a "V" position to the side of your body.
6. Finally, pull the left leg back and put your right hand down on the floor. You will now be in the same position you started in.

The 6 step can be repeated endlessly, or used to build momentum to go into other moves. Even when you learn advanced techniques this will continue to be part of your dances.

Posted 4894 day ago

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